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Neilpryde Wizard 2016
For all of you windsurfers out there! Somedays ago I received the whole new Neilpryde Wizard 2016. After intense testing for well over one year by the NEILPRYDE WINDSURFINGdesign team and team riders, the new Wizard came out. My experience; incredible sail pop (even way more than before..) Very wide windrange, loads of control, quick planning and as one might expected, lighter than ever. Yes it’s different and I’m convinced it will blow your mind too! Each sail does have the same characteristics, though details are different. Some sizes might be just used in powerful winds some in lighter. For instance the 4,2 and 3,8 no need for loads of pumping characteristics. Giving these sizes more control like a 5m2 makes you feel in control, in even the craziest wind conditions given by mother-nature. As for the bigger sizes (5,1 up to 5,7). Amazingly fast planning but still loads of control whilst being overpowered. To sum it up; each sail has it’ own flavor and I’m glad these peaces of art will help me getting my level on a new height. And you got to admit they are quite fashionable too right?!

Photos: Neilpryde