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SPONSOR | Neilpryde

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Neilpryde Wizard 2016 For all you windsurfers out there! Somedays ago I received the entire new Neilpryde Wizard 2016 set. After intense testing for well over one year by the Neilpryde Windsurfing design team and riders, the new Wizard came out. My experience: Incredible sail pop (even way more than before..) Very wide windrange, loads of control, quick planning and as one might expected, lighter than ever. Yes it’s different and I’m convinced it will blow your mind too!105

SPONSOR | 3D Feature

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3D feature Check out this new awesome 3D feature from JP AUSTRALIA. You cannot only rotate the board in every direction, you will also find useful comments by clicking on the numbers on the board check it out



SPONSOR | Tanis Confectionery

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Tanis Confectionery I’m very happy and proud to announce that my collaboration with Tanis Confectionary will continue in 2014! Tanis Confectionery was one of the first windsurf pioneers
in Holland. Trough-out there ambition and passion for the sports, Tanis Confectionery will support me to realize my dreams and goals in windsurfing. Therefor i’m very grateful, that this collaboration will continue for this season.



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New sponsor: Tanis Confectionery I’m really proud to announce my new sponsor TANIS Confectionery. TANIS Confectionery, is passionated company. Trough out the years they’ve been supporting more atlethes in both Judo, Cycling and now in Windsurfing too. TANIS also has the ambition and a great history in both windsurfing and sailing. So naturally I’m really stoked with their support.76Photos: Oliver Staufacher

SPONSOR | Twins Club

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Twins Club Last weekend JP Australia SUP and NP Surf were representative at Twinsclub Bredene-/ Belgium.The weekend was given a various of weather types which made it challenging for the competitors to compete in both Wave and Race disciplines. Eventually on Sunday the weather conditions were allowing the organization to run a couple of races.So a intensive battle was fought out on the water to earn the title. As for the Wave discipline, the conditions never turned out to be suitable to compete, though the JP Australia SUP team were giving it at shot to get the best or perhaps the most fun out of the given conditions. After all it was a great event giving the opportunity to enthuse people to get into the sport of SUP.71

SPONSOR | Physical Test

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Physical test at Inspanning loont Last Friday I underwent physiological tests at Inspanningloont and at SMA Utrecht. The test included a VO2 Max test, blood samples, lung function tests, cardiac scans and multiple other test’s. It was a fun and intense at the same time, as I needed to give it all. To sum it up, full body check with the ultimate goal getting more data information on how can improve my physical training. This will help to reduce injuries, stay fit and to be more than ready when I need to perform.62