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Brasil A couple of days ago I arrived in Brasil. Jericoacoara, known for choppy waters, strong winds and sometimes little waves. This place is challenging. The world’s best come over here to practice and polish their skills for the upcoming competition season. So far I really had to get used to the conditions. My hands where kind of suffering from blisters the first few days. Because the water is warm, it’s like taking a bath at home. Really nice! Here a few images from my first days in Jericoacoara.106107Photos: Tricktionary

SPONSOR | Neilpryde

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Neilpryde Wizard 2016 For all you windsurfers out there! Somedays ago I received the entire new Neilpryde Wizard 2016 set. After intense testing for well over one year by the Neilpryde Windsurfing design team and riders, the new Wizard came out. My experience: Incredible sail pop (even way more than before..) Very wide windrange, loads of control, quick planning and as one might expected, lighter than ever. Yes it’s different and I’m convinced it will blow your mind too!105

SPONSOR | 3D Feature

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3D feature Check out this new awesome 3D feature from JP AUSTRALIA. You cannot only rotate the board in every direction, you will also find useful comments by clicking on the numbers on the board check it out




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Interview wit Windsurf UK The other day I had a fun interview with Cheers guys! I would like to thank my friends Oliver Staufacher capturing those great photos. And Sven Akerboom for the preproduction, you guys are the best. Btw I can’t wait for another session at Big Bay, South-Africa. Just love it there for both Freestyle and Jumping.


EVENTS | The Mission

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The Mission We had the chance to give a nice freestyle clinic for all visitors at Strand Horst. We were supposed to go on the water, but because of the lack of wind, we decided to do more of a Q and A. This also allowed us showing the first previews of the new Neilpryde Wizard, right now the best Freestyle sail on the market.


CLINIC | Wave ladies

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Wave ladies Again the group of the wave ladies grew a lot. This time we’ve had great conditions at Wijk aan Zee. We started of with flatwater and later it turned out to have nice wavy conditions. The given conditions turned out to be the perfect training ground for all ladies. Some were jumping even their first forward loops, pretty amazing to see everybody pushing it so much on this beautiful day.


SUP | Cape Town

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Decent surf in Cape-Town My buddies Steven van Broeckhoven, Balz Müller and me scored some epic waves right in front of our house. This day was going of with sometimes waves from well over 3/4 meters. It was a fun Stand Up session, and sometimes some good washing too.96

Aloha to André

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Aloha to André Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, Manu Grafenauer, Max Matissek, Max Rowe, Casey Hauser, Mart Kuperij, Carolina Butrich Schwartzmann, Marco Lufen, Balz Müller, Oli Stau, Klaas Voget, Fabio Calò, the list goes on and on. A special moment during this day, when the ashes from Andre were released back into the South-Africa sea. South-Africa was one of André’s favorite places.