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Brasil A couple of days ago I arrived in Brasil. Jericoacoara, known for choppy waters, strong winds and sometimes little waves. This place is challenging. The world’s best come over here to practice and polish their skills for the upcoming competition season. So far I really had to get used to the conditions. My hands where kind of suffering from blisters the first few days. Because the water is warm, it’s like taking a bath at home. Really nice! Here a few images from my first days in Jericoacoara.106107Photos: Tricktionary

SUP | Cape Town

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Decent surf in Cape-Town My buddies Steven van Broeckhoven, Balz Müller and me scored some epic waves right in front of our house. This day was going of with sometimes waves from well over 3/4 meters. It was a fun Stand Up session, and sometimes some good washing too.96

TRAINING | South Africa

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South Africa 2013 This winter windsurfing in Holland has been really good. Actually the weather conditions where quite the same as we usually have in autumn. Lot’s of wind for days in a row and air temperatures up to 14 degrees C. I booked my ticket on the 23rd January to Cape Town.Just a few days before leaving the weather conditions in Holland changed rapidly into a serious winter. Which resulted in lot’s of snow and cold air temperatures, so great timing. This will help to reduce injuries, stay fit and to be more than ready when I need to perform.For this year I choose bringing a SUP to (JP Wide body 8’2), in order to spend more days on the water when not having any wind. 67

TRAINING | South Africa 2012

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South Africa 2012 We’ve had some nice conditions since I arrived here in South-Africa, all though I have to say, the weather is kind of weird sometimes. The wind kicks in late, around 2pm and temperature variate a lot too.Normally in Cape-Town the wind starts building around 10am and thann it will continue to build during the day. Combining both freestyle and wave disciplines is just the best fun. On the not average days the conditions at Sunset have been really good for free-wave.



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Jericoacoara Right now I’m already for well over a week in Jericoacoara. But let’s start with the beginning my journey; first of all I flew with a lot’s of equipment including a bag Marcillio Brown BRA 105 who asked me to bring a bag with only eight sails. Yeah right!And a bunch of mast, wetsuits and other stuff. I was very lucky at the check-in counter. I met the most helpful member of Iberia and she helped me out that everything was running smooth for me. Eventually I was flying with at least 170+ kg. Iberia only charged me a little for the amount of overweight I was traveling with. But never the less, this could have for sure gone terrible wrong, as Schiphol is known to be really strict in there regulations.