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PWA | World Cup NL

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A historic moment having the World Cup back in Holland. The last World Cup has been in Zandvoort back in 2000, so it has been a while. Not having been proparly healed, the organizers of the World Cup at PWA DAM7 asked me if I could fulfill the roll as a speaker, during the event for both PWA and EFPT competitions. Eventually that was a small part of my Job at DAM 7. It became clear, that I could help out a lot more for both PWA and the EFPT. I helped out with the media, the riders, the riders tent, registration, price giving, coordination, rescue-guards, for the crew etc To sum it up; A great learning experience working together with a great team. It was kind of weird to stand on the other side, instead of on the water, though I was glad that I could invest my knowledge and my skills to help out with this great World Cup event. So much positive energy!

Interview Sarah Quita and Maarten van Ochten –  DAM 7 Overview – Interview Maarten van Ochten

PWA | SYLT – Full report

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PWA Sylt report I had the feeling that this was the best competition of the year for Freestyle at least. From the 12 days days that I spend in Sylt we’ve had 10 days with wind, last year it was the opposite as there was no wind at all! I’m glad that we got to compete a lot, instead of only doing one single elimination we now did one double elimination.During the single elimination the conditions where tough, but fortunately during the double elimination things got better as we had side shore wind from the South. I’m happy that I could sail a lot of heats, definitely not happy with my last heat. But final 9th place is not bad at all, happy to be in the top 10 again. What also helped me, that I really know now where I have to work on for my next season. Hopefully we have more competitions in 2013 and combined with both good wind and water conditions too. I might consider attending in a couple of wave events. Below you can read my daily report.


PWA | FUERTE – Day 1 and 2

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PWA Fuerteventura day 1 and 2 After a long day of waiting we started the single elimination in Fuerteventura. The scene right now in Fuerteventura is a little different than a couple of days ago. Like the past weeks we’ve been only using the smallest gear and there where plenty of waves all over the place. Right now everybody is on their biggest gear and the water is pretty choppy. Not really the typical Fuerte conditions. Yesterday my first heat was against Max Matisek from Austria. Max has been training and improving a lot this year so tough competitor like all the others.



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PWA Podersdorf summary The PWA in Podersdorf 2012, was again a well organised event with lot’s of spectators visiting the scene everyday combined with a good and warm atmosphere. Apart from other years we’ve now had only warm days each and everyday. This time I brought lot’s of warm clothing even a snowboard pants and Jacket to keep me warm during the event. Needless to say with the forecast which provided only South East wind and really warm weather. I didn’t need any of that besides a few short and T-shirts.The first day was registration plannend and for me getting all the gear ready for the event. The second day of the event we’ve had some wind enough to complete four heats from the single elimination that day.45

PWA | 9th. Overall

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PWA 2010 9th. place in the Worldcup I just came back from Munich, where I had a highly interesting distributor meeting from JP Australia and Neilpryde. Looking back to this year we’ve had 4 PWA competitions. We started of in April in Podersdorf, Austria.My preparation for the 3rd year on the PWA Worldcup tour was a little different than other years. After having a big injury in 2009 during the Worldcup in Lanzarote, I could slowly started windsurfing by the end of October. In between I’ve had to face 4 months of recovering, which felt forever. By the time I received my new gear, temperatures where already getting cold in Holland.


PWA | SYLT – Day 6 and 7

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PWA Sylt 2010 Day 6 and 7 Yesterday and today started of sunny, but no wind at all. For these days the slalom racing had a high priority and suppose to be the first discipline to run.Though yesterday the freestylers were having a chance for tow-in-windsurfing, unfortunately for me the news came to late so couldn’t register. Team mate Ricardo Campello V 111 still managed sneaking in the competition and performing some really fast and high rotation like Airfunnels and Burners.


PWA | SYLT – Day 5

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PWA Sylt 2010 Day 5 Today there was some Slalom sailing in the cold but sunny morning, unfortunately for the slalom guys the wind was dropping fast so they only could sail a few rounds. Later this day the wind didn’t came back and everybody was on standby the whole day. Tomorrow the forecast isn’t looking to promissing and there might be a chance that slalom sailing will start of around 10:30.


Photo: John Carter

PWA | SYLT – Day 3

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PWA Sylt 2010 Day 3 Skippersmeeting was plant at 10AM. When arriving at the worldcup location it was already “raining cats and dogs”. After rigging and bringing all my gear to the beach it was a matter of a waiting. But minutes later new weather updates showed that the wind would might come late midday from NE direction.This means offshore and really gusty winds. Finally at 17:00 the PWA decided to give it a try and started of with the first round. During the first rounds the wind was shifting from directions all the time.


PWA | SYLT – Day 2

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PWA Sylt 2010 Day 2 Skippers meeting for Freestyle took place at 9AM in the morning. When arriving there was some wind left but definitely not enough wind to start of with the first heats. Having seen the elimination ladder, there have been added some new big names in the Freestyle competition.3x times Freestyle Worldcampion Ricardo Campello V 111, who’s only competing in waves these days decided to register too. So did Kauli Seadi BRA 253 2x vice Freestyle World Champion and 3x Wave World Champion.


PWA | SYLT – Day 1

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PWA Sylt 2010 Day 1 The PWA Grandslam Sylt is the Final and 4th. Freestyle event for 2010. Grand slam, means that there will be competed in three disciplines: Wave, Freestyle and Slalom. According to giving weather conditions the race crew will decide which discipline will be run.After I’ve had slept for hardly two hours registration took place at 11AM here in Sylt. When arriving at registration there was already a big line. Almost all topriders from all disciplines (Slalom, Freestyle and Wave –Men/ Women) had to register too.