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A historic moment having the World Cup back in Holland. The last World Cup has been in Zandvoort back in 2000, so it has been a while. Not having been proparly healed, the organizers of the World Cup at PWA DAM7 asked me if I could fulfill the roll as a speaker, during the event for both PWA and EFPT competitions. Eventually that was a small part of my Job at DAM 7. It became clear, that I could help out a lot more for both PWA and the EFPT. I helped out with the media, the riders, the riders tent, registration, price giving, coordination, rescue-guards, for the crew etc To sum it up; A great learning experience working together with a great team. It was kind of weird to stand on the other side, instead of on the water, though I was glad that I could invest my knowledge and my skills to help out with this great World Cup event. So much positive energy!

Interview Sarah Quita and Maarten van Ochten –  DAM 7 Overview – Interview Maarten van Ochten

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