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Project Bonifacio The 2013 Bonifacio Freestyle Project invited the best French freestyle sailors and some of the best freestyle riders from the rest of the world to battle against in each other in three different disciplines on the island of Corsica. After those three battles TEAM FRANCE is the overall winner of the Bonifacio Freestyle Project 2013.The first battle was the OVERALL EVENT BATTLE at the event in Bonifacio including battles in freestyle windsurfing and tow-in.After two individual eliminations formats in the light to moderate winds, two eliminations in Tow-In windsurfing and one round of “light wind freestyle”, the Belgian Steven Van Broeckhoven became the overall big winner of the 4th edition of the Bonifacio Freestyle Project. 73

Steven was the most consistent sailor during the entire event. The second battle was the BEST MOVE battle, where everybody was voting for their favourite move. In the end Antony Runes won the BEST MOVE battle with his amazing no handed Burner. The third battle was the ONLINE VIDEO CONTEST between Team France and Team International. More than 1500 people have voted for their favourite video. In the end it was Team France who got 65% of all the votes and therefore won the contest.



Photos: Bonifacio

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