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SPONSOR | Twins Club

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Twins Club Last weekend JP Australia SUP and NP Surf were representative at Twinsclub Bredene-/ Belgium.The weekend was given a various of weather types which made it challenging for the competitors to compete in both Wave and Race disciplines. Eventually on Sunday the weather conditions were allowing the organization to run a couple of races.So a intensive battle was fought out on the water to earn the title. As for the Wave discipline, the conditions never turned out to be suitable to compete, though the JP Australia SUP team were giving it at shot to get the best or perhaps the most fun out of the given conditions. After all it was a great event giving the opportunity to enthuse people to get into the sport of SUP.71

TRAINING | South Africa

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South Africa 2013 This winter windsurfing in Holland has been really good. Actually the weather conditions where quite the same as we usually have in autumn. Lot’s of wind for days in a row and air temperatures up to 14 degrees C. I booked my ticket on the 23rd January to Cape Town.Just a few days before leaving the weather conditions in Holland changed rapidly into a serious winter. Which resulted in lot’s of snow and cold air temperatures, so great timing. This will help to reduce injuries, stay fit and to be more than ready when I need to perform.For this year I choose bringing a SUP to (JP Wide body 8’2), in order to spend more days on the water when not having any wind. 67

SPONSOR | Physical Test

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Physical test at Inspanning loont Last Friday I underwent physiological tests at Inspanningloont and at SMA Utrecht. The test included a VO2 Max test, blood samples, lung function tests, cardiac scans and multiple other test’s. It was a fun and intense at the same time, as I needed to give it all. To sum it up, full body check with the ultimate goal getting more data information on how can improve my physical training. This will help to reduce injuries, stay fit and to be more than ready when I need to perform.62

PWA | SYLT – Full report

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PWA Sylt report I had the feeling that this was the best competition of the year for Freestyle at least. From the 12 days days that I spend in Sylt we’ve had 10 days with wind, last year it was the opposite as there was no wind at all! I’m glad that we got to compete a lot, instead of only doing one single elimination we now did one double elimination.During the single elimination the conditions where tough, but fortunately during the double elimination things got better as we had side shore wind from the South. I’m happy that I could sail a lot of heats, definitely not happy with my last heat. But final 9th place is not bad at all, happy to be in the top 10 again. What also helped me, that I really know now where I have to work on for my next season. Hopefully we have more competitions in 2013 and combined with both good wind and water conditions too. I might consider attending in a couple of wave events. Below you can read my daily report.


PWA | FUERTE – Day 1 and 2

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PWA Fuerteventura day 1 and 2 After a long day of waiting we started the single elimination in Fuerteventura. The scene right now in Fuerteventura is a little different than a couple of days ago. Like the past weeks we’ve been only using the smallest gear and there where plenty of waves all over the place. Right now everybody is on their biggest gear and the water is pretty choppy. Not really the typical Fuerte conditions. Yesterday my first heat was against Max Matisek from Austria. Max has been training and improving a lot this year so tough competitor like all the others.


EVENTS | The Mission XL

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The Mission XL 9th edition The 9th. edition of the Mission. Great winds, big prices at the tombola and huge party. Great action for the audience, free lessons provided. Giving more people the chance entering the sports and lot’s of activities for the visitors. The weather forecast was predicting a storm for the whole weekend, eventually this actually never took place and on friday we’ve had 12-20 knots of wind. Perfect for a the annual slalom competition. The whole day there have been quite some intense racing and in the late afternoon a nice freestyle demonstration.


EFPT | 9th. Place

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EFPT 9th. place at European Tow-in Qualification rounds: the Tow-in was a big spectacle every night, every rider in and out of Europe got two runs to put there best performance down. Only the best 3 of each could get their spot into the final. For the final top 10 there was a special place reserved for the very best 4th. position.Actually I never had the chance to practice Tow-in and I knew everybody had a good practice during the lack of wind at several Worldcups or European championships last year. A number of riders have been training this quite a lot during there winter training. I analyzed the previous rounds what to do and what defiantly not to do.