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PWA Lanzarote 2010 Day 3 Today the weather started off really cloudy. Right after the skippers meeting around 10AM the wind was still kind of light and never picked up. Until 5:30PM, fortunately this allowed us watching the soccer match Brasil VS Holland. Holland was only represented by a hand full of riders. Most of the crowd were a supporting the Brazilian riders. Watching the match, covered in orange flags exciting experience.To sum it up, it was kind of a thrill, especially when Holland took the victory.10

PWA | LANZAROTE – Day 1 & 2

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PWA Lanzarote 2010 Day 1 Registration started at 10AM in the morning. Right when I was preparing my sails with the event stickers, the wind started picking up lot. This gave me the opportunity for a nice warm-up session for 5,3. The forecast was really looking promising for the start of second PWA freestyle event.Unfortunately at 2PM when the first start was planned the wind already start dropping a lot. Insufficient enough for an official contest. Though a lot of riders went out giving the audience a nice show.9


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PWA Podersdorf 2010 Day 1 Registration started for the PWA Worldcup season 2010 at 10 am. After receiving all the sponsor/ event / stickers and event lycra’s etc It was time for a interview and photos. After all the participents had registered, we had a big welcome meeting from the organizers and the entire EFPT/ PWA crew, regarding the information for the upcomming days.As planned, we supposed to start with the competition at 12:30, unfortunately the wind was to light. After having waited until 7:30 pm. we where released for this day of competition.